Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos

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Dr. Babatunde Wasiu Adeoye




Babatunde Wasiu Adeoye has a B.Sc. (Hons) and MSc in Economics from the University of Ibadan as well as a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Lagos with specialisation in Economic Theory, Applied Econometrics, Monetary and Financial Economics. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Lagos. He has done an intensive research on broad range of issues such as health economics, monetary policy, exchange rate behaviour and determination, financial issues, macro- modelling, organisational structure and knowledge of budget operations at Community, State and Federal levels and International level.


  1. PhD Economics

    University of Lagos
  2. M.Sc. Economics

    University of Ibadan
  3. B.Sc. Economics

    University of Ibadan