About us


The Centre for Economic Policy Analysis and Research (CEPAR) is a research Centre of the University of Lagos, in economic and business policy engagement with both the public and private sectors of the economy. Its goal is to engage in high quality, policy-relevant economic and business research on both national and global issues and disseminating its findings widely to decision-makers and other end-users across the economy. The Centre is structured to be a reference point in economic policy analysis in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, with effort made to collaborate extensively, on policy issues with national and international institutions It offers meaningfuleconomic policy engagement with the governments of the federation, at the federal, state and local levels. The Centre is also structured to engage the business community in capacity building and corporate issues resolution and advice. The Centre is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of highly qualified and experienced scholars in business and economic policy issues.


To become a leading global economic and financial platform for delivering and disseminating evidence-based policy research as guide to public and private sector institutions through policy relevant research and discussion of emerging issues for national and global development


To promote and provide high quality and practicable policy-relevant economic and financial research and capacity building for national and global development, following the core values of excellence, integrity, independence and impartiality, transparency and accountability.


The goal of the Centre is to deliver and disseminate evidence-based policy researchand become a leading national and global economic and financial platform for economic analysis.

The Centre has three specific objectives, namely:

  • Conducting evidenced-based policy analysis and engaging the various governments and publics on topical economic issues, thus making useful inputs to government economic policy formulation. This will also involve periodic public engagement on these issues.
  • The conduct of relevant empirical and other economic and business research, at the micro and macroeconomic levels, cutting across the states, the nation and beyond.
  • Embarking on appropriate capacity building on economic and business issues, in close collaboration with the private sector and the governments at the various levels.

Our Strength

The uniqueness of CEPAR is quite obvious; given its strategic advantage of domiciliation in the University of Lagos, Nigeria’s University of first choice and the Nation’s pride.

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